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Reshaping the Future of
Cyber Risk Management


Empowering people to do their best work

We support our clients through unwavering partnership and resources as they plan & execute their cyber risk management strategy.

Experts on Demand 


Measure Resilience

Malicious actors need only a single weakness or point of entry into your systems. Understanding the resilience of security controls safeguarding sensitive systems and information is paramount for leaders and decision makers in your business. 


Build Resilience

An essential component in protecting your digital assets, sensitive information & critical infrastructure from cyber threats is to build a robust and resilient environment to both minimise the likelihood and impact of any such incidents should they occur.


Adversarial Intelligence

Understanding the latest cyber threat tactics and techniques provides valuable insights and assists in making informed decisions to enhance your security posture.


Adversarial Resilience

Modern adversaries have become increasingly complex and evolved beyond traditional methods of cyber attacks. Monitoring and managing risks, and security control resilience leads to a proactive method in safeguarding your assets. 


Digital Risk Protection

A broad offering delivered through a blend of technology & comprehensive services delivering visibility outside an organisation with the ability to identify high-risk attack vectors & malicious orchestration to provide a threat profile.

Experts On Demand

We Assess, We Design,

We Build, We Deliver

Cyberknowledge is a cyber technology and services company that proactively helps clients measure and build their cyber resilience through its AI Assisted Platform and its Experts On Demand service.


Putting LLM's to Work within Cyber Security

The digital transformation of business has been the most significant narrative over the past 10 plus years. The AI-first transformation of business is shaping to be even bigger. The key to all of this is the AI Assisted technology stack.

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Third Party Service Provider Engagement

Whether it's a SaaS tool or an external system using third parties can significantly boost business efficiency & productivity. In recognising the benefits organisations must assess the associated Cyber Risk.

APRA released the first subset of findings in relation to its review of over 300 banks, insurers and superfunds it intends to examine this year.

APRA CPS234 Review Findings 2023

Security, Compliance and the Hybrid Workplace

A remote workforce requires looking at cybersecurity compliance differently. This often means creating or adjusting policies for employees to keep their identity & devices safe while protecting your company’s digital assets.

 Unprecedented Cyber AI

Our Platform

Our platform is an AI assisted security and compliance tool that monitors and collects evidence of a company's security controls and its maturity levels, whilst streamlining compliance, risk, and audit workflows.


Resource Library

Uplift your cyber security maturity by deploying our pre-written templates, customisable to your business. Customise documents with your business details, whilst pre-populated cyber security text ensures efficient and effective documentation development.


Risk Register

Monitoring and management of cyber security risks is paramount for businesses in ensuring informed strategic and tactical decisions are made. Our platform allows for dynamic risk management practices across multiple risk assessment scenarios.


Continuous Monitoring

Comprehensive & continuous data is essential to boost confidence in the ability to shore up and optimise your security posture on real time basis. Unlock the power of compliance automation by integrating our platform with your technology stack to find gaps, misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.

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