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Putting LLM's to Work within Cyber Security

A future that is built on data, powered by AI, and put to work through increasingly autonomous applications. This is simply not a trend, though it may seem that way. Instead, we see it as generational transformation similar to the likes of digital, mobile, and cloud.

The digital transformation of business has been the most significant narrative over the past 10 plus years. The AI-first transformation of business is shaping to be even bigger. The key to all of this is the AI Assisted technology stack. Building this technology stack helps businesses reach goals and uncover opportunities that were previously invisible or unattainable.

Data forms the foundations of the AI-first tech stack. This layer consists of scalable, secure platforms to process and manage the data. These platforms store and analyse ground truth data. The AI layer extracts explicit understanding and insights from data as well as generating policies, procedures, and actions. It serves those findings up to a business process layer built with deep understanding of the users, their goals and the business outcomes they are aiming to achieve.

Industry LLM's are extraordinarily powerful and developers of specific applications can build adaptation layers around them and deploy additional proprietary models above them, improving fit with the target business processes.

Today, foundation models are being rapidly adopted across many specific industries & combined with internal models to improve alignment for particular business problems. As these data and models become must-haves, AI is quickly becoming an embedded element of every next-generation business application.

At the top of the stack sit autonomous applications, which go well beyond workflow automation to automate all that is automatable, and to arm humans with as much context and insight as possible to address the remainder. These autonomous applications help steer business processes towards optimal outcomes. It's not enough to simply seek to automate what was previously not automatable.

At Cyberknowledge we are building end to end autonomous applications for the Cyber security industry that require deep domain expertise, novel data, and AI expertise which simply doesn’t exist at most companies. We seek to use AI to automate the right tasks, and then use data to make smart decisions about how to improve those automated processes.


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