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About Us

We support our clients & people through unwavering partnership and resources.

Cyberknowledge is a cyber technology and services company that proactively helps clients measure and build their cyber resilience through its AI Assisted Platform and its Experts On Demand service.


Deepak Singh

A seasoned cyber security and risk enthusiast with over 20 years of direct experience at all levels of business. Deepak works with key clients and partners in translating complex cyber security requirements into multilayered business outcomes.

What We Value

We have seen time and time again that meaningful early engagement expands long term potential. We provide early support, partnership and invaluable resources to clients and team members that unlock individual and business potential.​


Client Focused

Clients are our focus. Provide support through words and actions. Assist in ways that other partners wouldn’t. Delight & surprise clients with our engagement & thoughtfulness.


Learning Mindset

Think deeply, ask questions instead of making statements and chase problems down to the root. Seek validation for assumptions, and always aim to better understand.


Biased Toward Action 

Come prepared. We operate as a team, and move forward as one.


Tactful Candor

Be free to express an opinion, even share difficult truths and constructively communicate for a positive outcome.


Open Collaboration

Assume people have the best intentions and best interests at the centre of their thinking. Don’t re-visit the past or hold a grudge, and always be progressing forward to what’s next.


No Surprises

Always keep people informed. Do what you say you will do.

Our Story

The team at Cyberknowledge deeply believes in a future that is built on data, powered by AI, and put to work through increasingly autonomous applications. This is simply not a trend, though it may seem that way. Instead, we see it as generational transformation similar to the likes of digital, mobile, and cloud.

The digital transformation of business has been the most significant narrative over the past 10 plus years. The AI-first transformation of business is shaping to be even bigger. The key to all of this is the AI Assisted technology stack. Building this technology stack helps clients reach goals and uncover opportunities that were previously invisible or unattainable.


Nick Burkitt

As a multi-faceted security management and technology professional Nick has conducted and led complex security projects across strategy, transformation, cloud, identity, network, security controls, and continuous posture and risk management for over 20 years. With extensive consulting, design, and architecture experience in senior leadership roles covering both consulting firms and regulated customer environments.


John Georgopoulos

A proven entrepreneur with over 20 years commercial experience scaling startups to bring alignment between business & people strategies.

Managing Partner

Chris Hagios

With over 20 years of startup and high growth technology company experience leading product, software development, consulting, marketing & sales teams.

Head of Engineering

Alexander Zaytsev

A distinguished engineer with deep R&D experience, having developed and managed products in small startups as well as leading corporate enterprises.

Meet The Team

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